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Finding Your Ring Size

Figuring out what size to order your ring in can be a bit difficult, so here's a tips on ways you can go about conveniently and accurately.

Method One: Order a Ring Sizer Online

Positives: accurate, reusable, can be affordable depending on which type you choose

This is definitely going to be the most accurate way to find your true ring size. You can source some cheap sizers in a variety of types through Amazon or Etsy, or you can support small local businesses and head to a local jewelry supplier or art shop to buy a sizer that will last you forever! We love Lacy West Supplies Ltd. in downtown Vancouver. 

Method Two: Head to the Store for Try-Ons

*Highlights: accurate, free, but takes time and you have to interact with people

You can head to a local fine jeweler with a storefront to get sized, or to a store like Wal-Mart or Winners that has racks of rings available to try on till you get a match. We've also found success at vintage or secondhand shops while hunting for other adorable sustainable fashion!

Method Three: Use a Size Guide

*Highlights: convenient and free, but not as accurate or reliable

There are some helpful guides available online that can be printed off and used to match with a ring you have that fits the correct finger. Make sure to look for one that allows you to size match prior to printing to ensure that it's being printed to the correct dimensions, otherwise you'll be finding the incorrect size. For example, some sites have you match your credit card size with an on-screen ruler.

*Note: there are several sites that will tell you to use a string or strip of paper to wrap around your finger, mark the point where they meet, and measure the distance between the two. In our experience this is really inaccurate and ends up giving you a measurement that's almost two sizes too big. Beware! 


Highlights: convenient, free, not as reliable or accurate as a physical sizer

There's a few mobile apps you can download for free that can determine the size of a ring you currently own! Just search for "ring sizer" in your app store and take your pick!

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